Saturday, May 21, 2011

The 5 Best Elements of Google’s ChromeBooks

The 5 Best Elements of Google’s ChromeBooks

 The cloud-based OS meets the laptop is the concept behind this much-discussed product.The best 5 elements that ChromeBooks currently have to offer are:

#1 - Google apps such as Gmail are available off-line. This means not having to actually connect so it saves time.  Ideal for Gmail, Google News and otherwise Google app addicts
#2 – The new Angry Birds app comes loaded and ready to go. And who can’t live without that?!  That’s right, the mobile gaming hit is available to Chrome users, even offline.  And users of this software get a special set of Angry Birds levels.  Let the games begin.
#3 – The price starts at only $399 (though it is debatable as to whether this is a steal or not based on what the product actually offers). There are also plans to ship a smaller model, with an 11.6-inch screen and a full-size keyboard. Both models will be available in WiFi-only or 3G connected
#4 – It’s produced by Samsung which is really making some of the best made devices out today. Samsung is going to charge $429 for the WiFi version, and $499 for the 3G model
#5 – Educational institutions can lease a ChromeBook for only $20 per month (via Google, 3 years) and only $28 a month for businesses. Google says that users can avoid system crashes, long boot times, application conflicts, software updates, viruses and security issues. Thus, they see the benefit of higher productivity and ease of use for schools and businesses.
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