Saturday, May 21, 2011

Next Level of Computing

Next Level of Computing

It's not a netbook, it's not a tablet, it's not a PC and it's definitely not the laptop as you know it. It's Google's latest attempt to take computing to the next level: It's the Chromebook.
Coming a good two years after the launch of the Chrome, this is the internet giant's latest swipe at Microsoft, on whose operating systems most of the world's computers run. The Chromebook, whose focus will be web browsing, wants to give you the power of the internet, like you've never experienced before. 
Google has said the new devices (to be manufactured by Acer and Samsung) will store everything online using cloud computing. This means no pesky hard drives to back up. The idea is also to enable users to walk up to any internet-connected computer to access their information. It also eliminates the need for software updates and because everything is stored in the air, it takes just a few seconds to boot up.
Essentially, this means that your laptop as you once knew it would now serve as little more than a display terminal connected to the internet and working with all this information that's up in the air.
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