Thursday, June 9, 2011

Chromebook Pre-Order Strategy Turns Popular; What Next Google?

Chromebook Pre-Order Strategy Turns Popular; What Next Google?

Waiting for the June 15th release of the Chrome notebook? The pre-launch market strategy adopted by Google has drawn maximum attention to the new device and its upcoming launch. An interesting game was designed in such a way to progress through clues posted on the Google Chrome blog which demanded users to explore the web in order to find a Google chrome notebook and order it.

The first clue posted on the Chrome blog took users to a memo written by Tim Berners Lee, the pioneer of the World Wide Web about the beginning of it. Users who explored the page found a large Google Chrome logo on the upper right hand side of the page clicking on which revealed a special Chrome book preview page. The pre view page allows you to purchase one among the limited number of Chrome books available for purchase.

After the first clue, they have posted a number of different clues in two days. You can watch a recap of these clues at their blog here. Though the game was funny, we are more eager to try the rig out to know if it matches with the processing pace of the eponymous browser from Google.
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