Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Multiplayer Browser Gaming on Chromebook?

Multiplayer Browser Gaming on Chromebook?

Good question. While there are massive multiplayer online games for Chrome like Dead Frontier, Dark Orbit, and EA’s Lords of Ultima, you may be wondering if you can play your favorite MMOs on a Chromebook. The resounding answer from beta testers of the CR-48 test notebook (the prototype of the Chromebooks coming out in June) is that yes, any game you currently play in your browser should be 100% compatible with Chrome OS.

Games like RuneScape, Battlestar Galactica Online, and Free Realms should play just was well in your Chromebook’s browser as on other PCs and Macs. Though we obviously haven’t tested it personally (the first retail Chromebooks won’t go on sale until June 15th), the games may even play better than they do on Windows and OS X because of Chrome OS’ optimizations and lightweight operating system — good news for people playing free online games in their browser.

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